What is FitRank?

Countless Fitdigits Crusaders constantly consider FitRank, a metric proudly presented in perpetuity on the Profile page. Your quest for truth ends here. You can easily change your FitRank or VO2 Max by tapping on the respective areas – they are tied though, so change one you change the other!

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Fitdigits’s FitRank is a metric that is designed to take a persons’ VO2 Max, estimated by an Assessment or manual input if you know it from a Metabolic Assessment, and rank it on a scale of 1 to 100 based on your Age. We don’t give out more than a 100 – sorry! 100 is excellent, a 1 certainly could use improvement.

We used Polar’s VO2 Max tables – they have pulled them down since but standard tables are fairly common around the internet like:


We went a bit further than these, however, and actually did a 1 to 100 allocation and again a year-by-year age allocation, so, for example, instead of Ages 18-25 having a “good” VO2 Max value of 52-60, we allocated the range of 52-60 over the years 18, 19, 20, etc.

We hope you enjoy the FitRank metric, and watch it go, as you get healthier, all the way to a perfect 100!



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  1. Jack E Meyer says:

    I would like to use my Breezing REE to calibrate my caloric burn for a sedentary day at the lab bench and computer desk — do you have anything like this? Can we make one?

    Further, the Breezing permits measurements "as long as I can breath normally" through the device for ~1.5 minutes, and therefore gives readings at higher heart rates. Can you import those readings too, to correlate with my HR data?

    Thanks for you work on DigiFit all these years!

  2. This would be fantastic thing to do with Breezing I'm ready to use my Breezing too if there is any way to interface the data with it.

  3. Jack E Meyer says:

    This could also apply to the use of ReeVu when visiting San Diego doc and updating DigiFit and conjunction with Rev Up! MD revolution. ?Do you guys have a partnership with them, to use the VO2 data for improving "Calories Out", ie, Burned. ? Best!


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