Why Should You Know (and Track) Your Fitness Level?

Fitness assessments and knowing your fitness level (VO2 Max) provides an insight into your body, especially your fitness and cardio systems. People often have no idea their true level of cardio fitness. and these assessments allow them to see how fit they are compared to others by age and to monitor that fitness over time.

Knowing Your VO2 Max
VO2 Max is the Velocity of Oxygen you can pump through your systems, and the standard measure of cardiovascular fitness.

Health Issues or Major Weight Loss
For beginners, they can establish a baseline of fitness, and see if there are potential issues or problems associated with their cardio systems. Of course, they can measure improvements over time.

Just Trying to Lose Weight
For those concerned primarily about losing weight, this can help them focus on the more important factors – in reality, fit TRUMPS fat! Even overweight people reduce their risks of health issues if they have healthy cardiovascular systems and healthy hearts.

Being Fit & Healthy
Assessments offer support by confirming whether the exercise program is working or not, and whether to continue the progress or step it up. It provides feedback about the current routines and whether changes should be made.

Optimizing Fitness
Not only do assessments give you a baseline of fitness, it gives you the ability to track whether the training plan you are doing is working or not. Typically, those trying to optimize their fitness levels are doing it for a goal, like a new PR or race coming up, and train in blocks of time in between. These assessments are typically done at the beginning, perhaps again in the middle of the training season, then again near the end to see progress and make intelligent decisions based on these findings. Of course, even more important to people trying to optimize fitness is the ability to set appropriate heart rate training zones.




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