Adding and Deleting a Manual Weight Entry

Track your weight on your iOS device using the Fitdigits Dashboard for Healthy Living. (The dashboard also tracks daily caloric burn and sleep score but this blog post will focus on manual weight entry only).

To manually enter your weight:
1. Launch your Fitdigits app, tap Health
2. Tap Weight
3. Tap “+” sign located at the top right of the screen.
4. Enter your weight, tap Save. (You can also change the date on a weight entry by tapping on the Date.)

To manually delete a weight entry: (Note you can only delete manually entered weight entries, you cannot delete a weight entry from Withings.)
1. From the same screen, swipe from left to right to delete any of the manually entered weight entries. (A red delete icon will appear.)
2. Tap delete and the entry will be erased from your dashboard.



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  1. its not giving me the save option.


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