Enabling Location Services on Your Android

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If you are tracking outdoor activity with Fitdigits on your Android, make sure you have location services turned on.

Beware of Power Saving Mode:

Especially for Samsung users, but also other devices as well. Please check that Samsung Power Savings Mode or other Power saving modes are turned off when exercising and tracking activities if you intend to track while the app is backgrounded. Typically if they are on, they will disable any GPS tracking after a short period if the app is backgrounded.

To turn on Location Services:

1. Go to your Android Settings
2. Choose “Location & Security”

Tap Location & Security

3. Make sure all of your location options are turned on

Make sure all location services is on

4. Open the Fitdigits app and tap Menu > Settings > My Sensors and Turn Location on. If the check mark is orange, Location is on

Turn Location on

5. Start your Fitdigits workout!

Note not all Androids are exactly alike – the screens and areas above may vary. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support.