Pairing Your Polar Classic Bluetooth (non-BLE) Heart Rate Monitor With Your Android

You’ve downloaded Fitdigits iCardio from Google Play on your Android and you are ready to work out with Fitdigits! You still have your old school bluetooth (non-BLE) heart rate monitor from Polar, and are ready to go! First things first, let’s pair your Polar bluetooth heart rate monitor with your Android. 

1. First wet your Polar Heart Rate Monitor to increase conductivity and put it on
2. Go to your Android Settings
3. Tap Wireless & Network

Choose Wireless & Network

4. Tap Bluetooth Settings

Tap Bluetooth settings

5. Make Sure Bluetooth is ON. If ON, tap Scan Devices
6. Your Heart Rate Belt should appear as Polar iWL below “Bluetooth devices”. Tap to pair and enter in PIN 0000 to pair

Enter in PIN 0000 to pair

7. Your Polar will now be paired. To delete a pairing, tap and and hold “Polar iWL”, and choose to unpair

Your Heart Belt is Paired

7. Open your Fitdigits app and go to Settings -> My Sensors, and tap Heart so the check is orange

Your heart rate monitor is Paired!

Your heart rate monitor is now paired with Fitdigits and you are ready to workout! If for some reason you have paired your heart belt but are not able to acquire your heart belt during a workout, try turning off your Bluetooth in your settings, wait 10 seconds, then turn back on.

Of course, all Android’s vary slightly. If you need further assistance pairing, check out the Polar Heart Rate Monitor Manual or contact Customer Support. You might also want to check out our comprehensive Troubleshooting your Polar WearLink+ for Android or more generic Troubleshoot Your Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Rate Monitor (BLE HRM).




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