Troubleshooting your Polar WearLink+ for Android

-For Android Only-

With the introduction of the Fitdigits Android app comes a whole new member of the Fitdigits family, the Polar WearLink+ Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor. Everyone knows a few tricks about their family, like what flavor of gum little cousin Sara likes, or to never under any circumstances let Uncle Jeffery drink. We at Fitdigits are just the same, so let us open the vault of family secrets and provide you with some troubleshooting tips in case your WearLink+ acts up.

Make sure your Polar HRM is tight, not uncomfortably so but snug enough so no movement is possible. The strap should be just below your sternum. Failure to do so can result in to high or low transmissions.

Moisten the electrodes
The Polar HRM requires moisture to give out accurate data. After you workout for awhile, your sweat will provide adequate moisture, but before the workout wet the sensor with saliva or water.

Clean the belt
Over time grime can build up on the belt, so make sure to periodically gently scrub the belt with some soap and water.

Storing Your Polar
Make sure to take care where you store the Polar HRM. Make sure it is not still moist when you store it, it is not folded over itself, and it is not in a place that will get excessively hot or cold.

Reset Bluetooth
Go to your Android Settings -> Wireless and Network -> Bluetooth Settings. Turn off Bluetooth for 20 seconds, and then turn it back on.

If you are still having issues pairing your Polar WearLink+ or getting inaccurate readings, please contact Customer Support



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  1. dear Digifit I purchased on tuesday february 19th upgrade to pro of your app for my android sony xperia go (ice cream sandwich) I did to workouts and all was ok, now after an update on yesterday night, spinnin icardio and irunner does not work no more. I uninstalled and reinstalled each apps but apps keep failing to start.
    Please help me.

  2. I would say to try resetting Bluetooth before anything else. My Polar Wearlink + stopped working with my Samsung Galaxy Mini S3. I changed the battery, tried another chest strap and when none of that worked, turned the bluetooth off then on. Voila! The easiest thing to do was the thing that worked, so in my opinion, try the easiest solution first.

  3. Oh, and I did do the re-positioning, moistening, cleaning the chest strap first. Then when it didn't work, I did the battery and new chest strap. I realize those two steps are not listed in your guide, but I foolishly did those first instead of just rebooting the bluetooth. Rebooting seemed to simple. Lesson learned.

  4. Lisa Tarbert says:

    I have the free app. Do I need to register & set up a profile with Digifit before using this app?


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