Apple Watch Setup & Notes: Beta Program

Welcome to the iCardio Apple Watch Beta Program!

We are very excited to add Apple Watch support to our lineup.

Current Requirements:

  1. An Apple Watch must be paired with your Apple iPhone.
  2. The Apple Watch must be running WatchOS 3.0 or higher. Phone must be on iOS 9+.
  3. While doing an activity, the iPhone must be in the proximity (bluetooth) with the Watch.
  4. You must have all appropriate permissions (see below for more). Mostly Apple Health Heart Rate permissions (see Partners section).
  5. You must have a Pro purchase for the account to use Heart Rate from the Watch.

See the bottom of this article for troubleshooting and what to do in case of issues.

Step 1: Download and Install from Testflight

If you are part of the beta, you already have your iTunes associated email in the system, so as soon as Apple approves the beta, it should show up as as an option in the app TestFlight. The new part here, with the Watch extension, is that you must also, after install, switch the switch allowing the program to install to your paired Watch (see the screen below).

Testflight - Apple Watch Switch


One thing to remember in the Beta program – once the app has been released, any attempt to open the beta will just look like an immediate crash. Apple marks it as “not available”. You will need then to download the release officially on the App Store. No need to uninstall the beta completely, the app store version will simply install on top of the beta.

Using the Watch during Activities / Troubleshooting

(note: this needs to be updated to reflect the latest beta with custom activity views, adding notes to results, etc. Please see Apple Watch for latest not including those things).