Calibrate Your Bike With Fitdigits

Fitdigits allows users the opportunity to get accurate speed and distance metrics by pairing their Speed and Cadence Sensor with the Fitdigits App on their iOS device. Make sure you are getting as accurate results as possible by manually entering in your Wheel Circumference.

In the past, Fitdigits only offered a selection of preset Cycle choices, but our dedicated Fitdigits users wrote and called in, requesting the ability to manually enter in the wheel circumference because some bikes were not listed. You talked and Fitdigits listened. To add a custom wheel circumference:

1. Go to the Home Screen and Tap “Bike” so it is in the middle of the screen and highlighted
2. Tap Workouts -> Bike Options -> Choose Cycle -> Add a Bike
3. Tap on “Wheel circumference” and type in your wheel circumference in millimeters.

Make sure to send in what features you would like to see in Fitdigits to Customer Support and it just might be in our next update!

Manually enter in your wheel circumference

Also in Fitdigits, you are able to calibrate your Speed and Cadence Sensor with GPS, similar to the way you calibrate a foot pod, after you have paired your Speed and Cadence sensor. To do so, Go to Menu > Sensors, and under Speed + Cadence tap Calibration (Note: this will only appear if S+C is turned on). Once you reach the cycle calibration page, the process is the same as calibrating a foot pod. Enter in your Calibration factor, and all bike workouts will now use this calibration factor during workouts.

Calibrate your Bike to true up your distance

Tap Calibration under Speed + Cadence



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