Create Custom Pace Zones

With the ability to create interval workouts based on pace and distance, comes the ability to create custom Pace zones. These zones will be used primarily with your structured workouts so you can set how fast you should be running during specific intervals.Pace zones

For example, if you are training for a 10K and targeting a pace of 8:30 minute per/mile, use this pace to set-up pace zones for your training and race day.

Setting up custom Pace zones are very similar to setting up Heart Rate Zones. To do so in Fitdigits on your iOS device:

    1. Go to the Run Options Page by selecting the Run icon, tapping the Gear icon > Run Options (or going to Settings > My Activity Preferences > Run)
    2. Tap Pace Zones
  1. Listed will be the Run and Walk zones. Tap “Add Zone Set”
  2. Tap “6:30” to edit it, and choose which pace you want; repeat for all five zones
  3. Tap Zone 5 to edit the Zone Labels; repeat for all five zones
  4. Tap My New Zones to edit the Zone Set Title
  5. Tap Set Default to use these zones for your workouts
  6. Tap Save




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  1. Dustin Steed says:

    Anyone know how to set pace zones for speed or cadence in bike mode? Am I just missing this?

  2. Same question as below, trying to add pace zones to a bike exercise. Can't be much different than for a run


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