Customize Heart Rate Zones on iOS

(For the Android version click here)


Customize your Heart Rate Zones on the your iOS devices to make your workouts personal to you.

Whether you have had your V02 Max tested or are reading a heart zone training book by Sally Edwards or Joe Friel, or just prefer the Karvonen method of calculating heart rate zones (there are many – see here for more on how off the 220-Age = MaxHR formula can be and alternatives), Fitdigits offers the ability to create multiple heart zone sets and fully customize your heart rate zones for the best workout experience.

Follow these steps to get started with your custom heart zones on an iOS device. And why set up personal or custom heart rate zones? Great question – check out our post here.

Customize Heart Rate Zones on Fitdigits apps (iCardio, iRunner, iBiker)

  1. Tap Menu > Settings. Tap Preferences by Activity Type (each activity typically has a unique set of Zones attached to it due to the nature of our bodies and the activity carried out, which is why, if you have main sports, we encourage a Custom Assessment for each sport). Note you can also tap the options/gear or Workouts button when the Activity type is already selected on the home screen, then tap [Activity Type] Options. If you do that, skip to #3 below.
  2. Tap the Activity you want to have your custom heart rate zone for (you can always assign it to multiple activities).
  3. Tap Heart Rate Zones
  4. Tap Add Zone Set
  5. Tap on The title of the Zone Set and the zones themselves to change the names. Tap on the beats per minute barriers to change them
  6. Tap “DONE” when finished.
  7. Find the zone set in your list of custom zones, tap it and tap “Set Default”

You may notice a yellow heart next to the zone set. This means it needs to be synced to the cloud so it can be shared across devices and at the online portal.


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