Customize Split Intervals with Laps

If you run at the track, you likely know how helpful laps functionality can be for determining your pace. With Fitdigits you can track your splits for speed/pace or heart rate (if you are doing a Cardio workout) based on your distance traveled, time elapsed, or just whenever you feel like it!

Laps give you the ability to record your workout your way, especially when you are doing custom repeats and intervals. Later you can see how your performance was lap by lap, to help improve your speed, strength and endurance. Laps also assist in keeping an eye on the fact that potentially you may not be giving yourself enough recovery in between laps or are pushing too hard or long on your laps. Read on for instructions on how to set up laps on both the Android and iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (iOS)


To use this feature in Fitdigits, first you need to turn laps on from the Lap Settings screen (see screenshot 1). To get to this screen from the Home Screen go to Settings -> Activity Preferences -> Your Activity -> Laps.

On the Lap Settings screen, you can decide whether you want Auto Laps turned to Distance, Time, or Turned off. In the screenshot, I have chosen for a lap to be once every half a mile. You can also choose how you would liked to be alerted after each lap is completed, either by vibrating, chiming, an alert, or any combination of the three. If you choose to have Auto Laps turned off, you can manually end a lap by tapping the Lap button in workout.

If you turn the Lap Screen (screenshot 2) on you will have a lap page. The lap page will state on the top of the screen the time, distance and average speed/pace of the current lap, while the bottom of the screen will feature the same stats for your previous laps.

If you forget to turn on any lap settings before a workout, tap the gear icon in the lower right during a workout and tap “lap” to end/begin an interval

Lap Screen

Settings are by activity type

Choose how often you want a Lap to occur



To turn auto laps on, go to Home and choose the workout you wish to edit laps for (NOTE- laps settings will need to be done individually for each workout type). Next tap Workouts -> Laps. Make sure to choose an auto lap type (distance or time) to turn auto lap on, and then choose the distance/time a lap should occur on. Turn on the lap screen if you would like to have a visual reminder of your laps.

Just like on the iPhone, if you have not turned on the lap screen or auto-laps, you can have an interval set by tapping the gear icon, then tapping “Lap”.

Customize your lap settings

Tap Lap in the in-workout settings for splits



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    after a work out when i go to the summary pages and goto the Lap page it would be nice to show the time per lap, in stead of cumluative. or possibly both


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