Enabling iCardio, iRunner or iBiker Upgrades on a Second iOS Device

If you wish to workout with on of your Fitdigits app on a second iOS device (iPad, iPod touch or iPhone) or Android, you do not have to pay twice to get your upgrades in the app. Use these steps to enable your paid upgrades on your second device.

NOTE: If you notice after you sync with your second device that a workout is missing, perform a quick Sync from your first device (Results -> Sync Button in Upper Left) to ensure all of your workout results have been uploaded to the cloud.

1. Sync with iTunes or Download one of the free Fitdigits apps to your new device
2. Tap Login
3. Enter the same username and password that you used on your first device in the spaces indicated.  Tap Go.
4. If your registration is successful, the app will perform an automatic sync to your Fitdigits account.
5. The apps will download your workout results, weight and blood pressure data and more from your Fitdigits account

NOTE: If you don’t have time to complete a full sync but wish to workout with your new device, perform the sync until you see the “Downloading Workouts from Server” alert. Then tap “Stop and Continue Later.” Later, perform another Cloud Data Sync to download all of your workout results from your cloud account. As long as you perform a full cloud sync, your new device should now have your paid upgrades, as well as the workout data contained in your cloud account



6 Responses so far...

  1. Sheldon Pineo says:

    Nope! Doesn't work. I'll be sending a letter to tech support with screen shots from my two devices.

  2. Chance Ulrich says:

    Agree! Purchased bundle and only 1 upgrade showed up on second iOS device.

  3. Same here. I only get the Custom Routines uograde but not the others. I got this to use with my heart rate monitor and I can't!

  4. Hi,

    In case you have any trouble, We are aware of a bug for syncing upgrades and will have a fix soon.

    In the meantime there is a workaround. Tap the upgrade to purchase, and as long as you purchased it before using the same Apple ID, when you enter in your password it will pop up saying you have not been charged.

  5. Darlene Morrow says:

    It is Apple's policy to allow an app on up to 5 devices. All you have to do is "buy" the upgrades on your other device. Once you input your password you will get a message that says you have already purchased the upgrade and would you like to install it. You click okay and you're good to go. No second charge and you have the app on you other device.

  6. I solved it by doing a sync repair from Settings -> App Preferences -> Sync Log -> Sync Repair.
    Sync is not the best of digifit, as a matter of fact, I'm still trying to work out how to sync my weight information correctly. It shows up on the site but I can't get it right on the iOS devices. In any case, it's still the best app/site around, and believe me, I tested them all.