Fitbit Calories and Fitdigits

Fitdigits and fitbit have a great partnership that lets you see how many calories you burn daily. Recently, we have had a lot of questions regarding our Fitbit and Fitdigits integration, so I figured I could take some time to answer some FAQ.

For questions regarding MyFitnessPal, Fitdigits and Fitbit Integration, read here

Q: Can I wear my Fitbit during a Fitdigits workout and not get double calories?
A: Yes! Fitdigits and Fitbit are integrated so that whenever you begin a Fitdigits workout all Fitbit calories accumulated during the duration of your Fitdigits workout will be ignored. During workouts, Fitdigits gives you a more accurate caloric burn, so we use this instead of Fitbit. Make sure to keep your Fitbit on so you still get credit for your steps!

Q: I see my Fitbit calories on, but why are the calorie totals several hundred calories lower then what Fitbit shows?
A: On my.fitdigits, we only display the calories burned when you are active, and not when you are sedentary or asleep. If you would like to see these calories included on my.fitdigits, click the “Options” arrow under the chart and make sure “Sedentary/Sleep” has a check next to it.

Click Sedentary/Sleep to see a calorie total equal to what Fitbit displays

Sleep/Sedentary Calories added!

Q: Do my Fitdigits workouts get sent to
A: Yes they do! Whenever you sync your Fitdigits app, the workout will be sent to so you have a record in both places

If you have any other Fitbit and Fitdigits questions, please let us know!



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  1. Anuj Kapoor says:

    Does my other fitbit data, such as weight and fat %, sync automatically into Digifit? Thank you! This is a great app.

  2. Aaron Zuber says:

    Why is activity different from fitbit once you sync digifit I lost 88min of activity ?

  3. Rhys Jones says:

    Hi. Im not sure if anyone can help me but big thanks if you can. I have been wearing my fitbit Chrage HR for about a month now… I train about 6 sessions per week so am fairly active. My calories burned seems to be through the roof. My basal rate is about 2,000 calories and with exercise the calc is about 3,600 yet each day on Fitbit I get around 5,000 calories burnt without exercise and around 6,000 with exercise. My training partner who is the same age, size and general fitness as me reads about 4,100 calories burnt on a big day. Im trying to put on lean muiscle mass which requires me to eat more than I burn but its nearly impossible to eat 6,000 calories a day (without being ridiculously obsessive!)…Does anyone have any thoughts as to why it would be reading high?… and I'm old (45) so I should be slowing down!… cheers to all


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