Fitbit Charge HR, Surge and Jawbone UP3 Compatibility

Some new health and fitness trackers have emerged onto the scene that combine both activity tracking and heart rate monitoring. Chief among these are the Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit Surge and Jawbone UP3.

Many users have written in asking if we are compatible, and the answer is both yes and no. Yes, Fitdigits will get steps, activity and sleep data from these monitors. However, Fitdigits will not receive heart rate, either during a workout or resting heart rate, from the Charge HR, Surge, or UP3.

These sensors do not transmit their heart rate data like other Bluetooth Smart HRMs like the Scosche RHYTHM+, so the Fitdigits app is not able to connect to them to use the heart rate data during your workouts. This data is instead sent, along with your other recorded activity data, directly to either your Fitbit or Jawbone account which, at the time of this post, we do not have a way to retrieve.



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  1. Bryan Holly says:

    Understandable at this point. Question: When I export a Digifit workout to Fitbit, will my Fitbit heart rate data be applied to said Digifit activity?

  2. It will. But Fitbit heart rate data is horribly inaccurate. Their forums are currently full of angry customers.

  3. Andy Ciordia says:

    Hopefully they'll open it up. Got my ChargeHR today and wore it and my old polar chest strap. It was within a few beats of each other so I think it's eorking admirably without the overhead.

  4. Bryan Holly says:

    I've been comparing my Charge HR against my Rhythm+ for a couple of weeks now, and they are right with each other… Just wish someone could tell me weather or not, when I send a digifit workout to fitbit, if my Fitbit (Charge HR) heart rate data is applied to my Digifit workout after the import from digifit to Fitbit. It kinda seems like it is, but I'm not really sure yet.

  5. What do you mean by "applied"? The digifit calories for the workout will be evenly applied over the workout timeframe. The Fitbit heart rate data will be shown next to the digifit data. If you have both devices, how are you not able to see that for yourself?

  6. Bryan Holly – No, Fitbit HR is not available through the API, and is not used by Digifit. Digifit only uses the Rhythm+ (or other HRM that is supported) in the portal or as HR for calories, etc.

  7. Dana Turner says:

    Not current version Christopher Means . Fitbit has yet to release the new version that will give access to HR data. Digifit will then in turn have to update obviously.

  8. Bryan Holly says:

    I use my Charge HR. I just wear it and it tracks my heart rate. I also want to use the Digifit app. So, when I use the Digifit app to track my workouts, CYCLING, etc., then I import my workout to fitbit, because I can, because I want to, because Fitbit and Digifit are "partners". Oh, and because I'm out and about a lot and always just happen to have my Charge HR on my wrist, and my Digifit and Fitbit apps with me (They are on my phone that I also always have with me) so question is still the same: When I import a workout from Digifit to Fitbit, is Fitbit applying… Excuse me, instead of saying it THAT way… Let's ask, is Fitbit using the heart rate data that it gathered from my wrist area, and then "combining" that heart rate data, with the data it received from my Digifit data, to give me more of an accurate calorie burn estimate? Yes, I HAVE noticed that my heart rate data shows on the Digifit workout import… But is it just another pretty heart rate graph to look at? (Like mapmyfitness for example) or is my heart rate data from Fitbit being APPLIED to my Digifit import?


    I do have a rhythm+ but I don't want to need to remember it. I just want to know how these two items in question (Fitbit/Digifit) work together.

  9. Bryan Holly says:

    I've been seeing that Fitbit is going to release heart rate in their api? So, when this happens, will Digifit tap into this? I hope so. I really like Digifit.

  10. Paul Bier says:

    My Fitbit and Digifit indicate the accounts are linked. No data transfer? Any tios would be appreciated. Thanks!

  11. Dana Turner Fitbit isn't going to release a new version with access is it? I haven't found anything to say otherwise.

  12. Kelly Ruddy says:

    It looks like an ECG

  13. Kelly Ruddy says:

    Will it show an EKG?