Fitdigits Android Beta Program

Thank you for your interest in the Fitdigits Andriod beta program.

We are always working to upgrade the current version of the Android app and are looking for a handful of beta version participants for the new app.

If you would like to participate and help make this and future releases a smooth roll-out for your fellow cardio enthusiasts, let us know at

What to expect after you are added to the beta program

Once Fitdigits has added you to the program, you will receive a link to the beta version of the app. Once you’ve clicked on it, Google Play will download the beta version. You can, at any time, go to the app page in Google Play and tap “Stop Testing”.

Feedback and bug reports

Please report any issues or provide feedback by tapping in the app “Info & Help” and tap Email Support, or simply email Try and be detailed as to what was going on before, during and after the issue, and let us know what device you were using. See also how to Turn on Debug Logging – Fitdigits Android Apps (iCardio, iRunner, iBiker) to report any repeatable issues.
Release Notes
Android v3.6
A whole new look and feel in workout results using fragments
Memory leak / early termination issues fixed / addressed
GPS improvements / Updates to the latest Google Maps APIs
5 minute trial of heart rate monitors to test pairing, etc.
Added updated security protocols
Bug fixes & stability improvements


Fitdigits Beta Team