Fitdigits – Apple Health and Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple Watch app now in Beta

We are very excited to announce our Apple Watch app release! Heart rate, remote control, data on the wrist for easy access. We will continue to evolve the app as time goes on, but pretty cool right out of the gate!

Apple Health

Apple Health draws health and fitness data from a variety of apps

Apple Health is a native iOS app that comes standard on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It was designed to help gather your health and fitness data into one spot. It is required to use the app and an Apple Watch.

For more information, Read Here.

How Do I Pair Fitdigits With Apple Health?

Fitdigits has a wide array of partners, be it an activity advisor like Fitbit or Jawbone, a food filer like Lose It! or MyFitnessPal, or a run recorder like Dailymile or Runkeeper.

One of our Partners is Apple Health. We read and write a variety of metrics to each others platform.

To link your Fitdigits account with Apple Health:

  1. Go to Menu > Partners > Apple Health in the app (or Health > Health Partners > Apple Health)
  2. Tap Enable Sharing
  3. Choose what data you want to send to and from the Health app and Fitdigits (see screenshot)
  4. Tap “Done”, and the screen will now say “Currently Sharing”

Fitdigits is now paired with Apple health, allowing for data to be shared between the two.

Apple Health Permissions
To modify permissions:

  1. Go directly to the Apple Health app
  2. Tap Sources on the bottom menu bar,
  3. Scroll down and tap the name of the app (iCardio, iRunner, iBiker, etc)

You can review or change any read and write settings from there at any time.

What Data Shares With Apple Health?

If you are paired with the Health app using the steps above, then after you complete a workout or enter data, it will be shared with Apple Health and stored there for review. However, Fitdigits will not send historical data or data pulled from partners (such as steps from Fitbit) to Apple Health.

We do not to share historical data or partner data (eg. Fitbit, Jawbone) to Apple Health primarily because Apple doesn’t allow it. Apple has advised developers for the Apple Health Kit to not send their data to other activity tracking companies as well.

As for historical data, Apple Health data does not sync to multiple devices. So if you have an iPad and iPod Touch, Apple Health will treat this as two separate accounts, leading to possibilities for missed workouts or duplicates (data doesn’t sync to Health across devices).

Fitdigits is excited about the possibilities Apple Health offers, and we will continue to evolve our integration and functionality as Apple does the same.

If you are having trouble with your Apple Health sharing, try tapping “Disable” in the partner screen and then re-enabling the sharing.



9 Responses so far...

  1. Refael Azi says:

    What about sharing weight data?

  2. Frank Kruszewski says:

    either I am an idiot; which I am not; an Apple neophyte which I am not; or the Apple Health App is trash. It will not display any data from any app it is paired with.

  3. Pieter Marra says:

    my Digifit is set to metric but Apple health app think it's imperial and then converts it to metric again. Giving me a reading of ex.18.3km although I only did 11.43km!

  4. I literally just downloaded and installed your app. Apple health is not listed as an option under health partners. I have iphone 6.

  5. Ps – I'm running iOS 8.1.3.

  6. One more thing… When I go outside the app and in to your website I see Apple health. But the link account link goes to apples website. Why doesn't any of this work right?

  7. Digifit does not seem to READ information from Apple Health, even though I have enabled Digifit to read all information from Apple Health.

  8. Heidi Derzay says:

    I think I went around and around in the same circle you did. I just figured out that I was trying to use the be Colorado move app. You actually have to download the "digifit" app, which is different. I am still not sure that it is linked properly, but apple health is listed on health partners for the digifit app.

  9. When will you have an Apple Watch app?