Using Fitness Assessments to Determine Heart Rate Zones

The Beginner, Advanced, and CP-30 Cardio assessments will determine zones. For more information, please read Fitness Assessments.  You can read more details on the specific assessments from the info screen located here:  Workouts -> Fitness Assessments -> choose assessment.

To complete a fitness assessment and determine your zones, please also be sure that you have the fitness assessments and enable sensors upgrade for heart rate tracking.  For information on the benefits of tracking with heart rate, please read about the benefits of cardio tracking

Begin by launching the fitness assessment with your HR monitor paired. To launch the assessment for your intended workout type, in the app go to Workouts -> Fitness Assessments -> Launch Beginner or Advanced or CP30 Cardio.

Follow the voice-guided directions during the assessment

Upon completing the assessment you will see this:

Tap Done, which will take you to your assessment results.

Choose “Set All” to apply these results to your default settings and zones. “Set All” will apply metrics to all workout setting. For example, if you completed the CP30 in running, the “Set All” will apply these results to all other workout types.

To see that your HR zones have been set to default, you can go to the app Settings -> My Activity Preferences -> type -> HR Zones:




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