Customizing Home Screen Activities (iOS)

Customize Your Home Screen on iOS
The newest release of Fitdigits 8.0 features a totally revamped exercise carousel, allowing users to choose from over 50 different workout types. With it comes the ability to customize your home screen, allowing users to choose which workout types they use most.  Launch your most frequently used workouts faster.

How to customize your home screen:

  • From the home screen of the app, tap the Menu icon
Tap the "play" button to Quickstart

Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner.

  • Go to Settings -> Home Screen
  • Add workout types to the home screen of the app by tapping the activity type.

    Selected types will have a “√” next to the activity

  • Tap Done



But wait, did you forget an activity type?  If so:

  • From the home screen, swipe left <-> right until you come to the “Try Something New” screen.
  • Select Choose activity


  • Select your workout type. Done.


More about customizing home screen:

  • New workout types can be added or removed at any time.  These will appear in alphabetical order on the home screen.
  • Tap the settings icon to choose indoor or outdoor workouts.
    • Indoor will record a single point GPS location so you have a geographic recording of your location without mapping a route. If a heart rate monitor monitor is paired in Fitdigits, the app will search for this sensor.  The free version of the app will track duration only.  Make sure to upgrade your app today!
    • Outdoor will look for paired heart rate monitors AND location so you can map your route.  There is no longer any need to turn GPS on or off.
  • For easy access, we suggest storing only the most frequently used workout types.

Please let us know what you think of the new app or if you are experiencing any problems, please contact Support.