Interval Training (Heart Zones)

I’ve received a flood of calls lately regarding Fitdigits’s interval heart zone training functionality. Specifically, users are asking how to create a workout with interval training on the iOS version of Fitdigits and the difference between series and interval. This provides a basic overview to get you started.

Interval workouts, also known as structured workouts, can be created by going to the home screen and tapping Workouts -> Create and Edit Routines -> Time/Distance Workout. A series can be one interval or a collection of intervals but the key is to create a series based on the desire to repeat. Repeats apply to an entire series. For warm up/cool down, no repeat is generally necessary. For the main portion of your workout, repeats become useful.

Tap Enter Name to name your workout.
The first interval/series is created for you. Tap Zone (1-5).
Tap 00:00 (time) to select minutes and seconds.
To add a new interval, tap Add a new interval.
Tap Repeats to select repeat count.
To add a new series, tap Add a new series.
To delete an interval, tap the red/white minus sign next to the interval you wish to delete.
Total Time is calculated for you based on the series and intervals.
Tap Save to save your workout.

Kelly’s Interval Training Workout Description (scroll down)

Series 1: Warm up (10 min)

Series 1 Warm Up: In my example, I opted for 5 min warm up: Zone 1 for 3 min, then Zone 2 for 2 min. No repeats.

Series 2: Workout (40 min)

Series 2 Workout: I opted for 40 min of interval training: 5 min in Zone 3 and 5 min in Zone 4; repeated 4 times. Add another interval or series if necessary.

Series 3: Cool Down (5 min)

Series 3 Cool Down. I opted for 5 min cool down: Zone 2 for 3 min, Zone 1 for 2 min.



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  1. Can I do structured workouts on my Android device?

  2. Is there a way of naming these series to allow for multisport intervals, i.e. spin bike, followed by treadmill, followed by elliptical?

  3. Mark Yancey says:

    When will this functionality be available on the Android platform?

  4. Over a year after Mark asked the question, I would also like to know if/when this will be added to Android. It would make you the only Android app with this feature.


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