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iCardio, iRunner, iBiker & iWalker

Profile & Account Management

Fitdigits App Navigation & Menu

New: Apple Health Daily Activity

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Top FAQs

Apple Health & Apple Watch

Calorie Calculating the Fitdigits Way

Carb Cal vs. Fat Cal

Calories Per Minute (CPM)

Top Support Articles

Sensor Pairing Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Location Services / GPS (iOS)

Troubleshooting Location Services / GPS (Android)

Synching Errors

General How To: Deleting the Apps

General How To: Hard Close an App



Working with Activities & Settings

Working with Audio – iOS  |  Android

Editing an Activity

Delete an Activity

Entering an Activity Manually

Change an Activity Type

Add an Custom (Other) Activity

Exporting Activities

Importing Activities

Working with Custom Routines


Editing Global Settings & Preferences

Customizing Home Screen Activities (iOS)

Customizing Home Screen Activities (Android)

Working with Heart Rate Notifications

Managing Notifications Preferences


By Activity Preferences & Settings

Working with Audio (iOS)

Working with Audio (Android)

Working with Laps and Splits

Customize Dashboards (iOS)

Customize Chart & Map Metrics (iOS)

Customize Heart Rate Zones (iOS)

Customize Heart Rate Zones (Android)

Customize Pace Zones (iOS)


In-Workout Options




Working with Sensors

Location Services / GPS – Mapping and Tracking Routes

Enabling Location Services (iOS)

Enabling Location Services (Android)


Heart Rate Monitoring

Getting Started with Heart Rate Monitors

How to Pair a HRM with iOS

How to Pair a HRM with Android

How to Pair a Wearlink+ with Android


Working with Heart Rate

Customize Heart Rate Zones (iOS)

Customize Heart Rate Zones (Android)

Customize Pace Zones (iOS)

Adding Advanced & Alternative Heart Rate Zones 

Setting Zone Transition Alerts & Prompts


Sensor Troubleshooting

Trouble Pairing Sensors

Trouble pairing HRM

Trouble pairing HRM – Scosche / Mio

Trouble pairing Wearlink+ on Android

Trouble with Heart Rate Spikes and Dropouts

Troubleshooting Location Services / GPS (iOS)

Troubleshooting Location Services / GPS (Android)


Other Sensors

Setting up a Speed & Cadence Sensor

Calibrating a Speed & Cadence Sensor

Setting up & Calibrating a Footpod Sensor


Working with Partners

Partner Linking & Overview


Daily Activity & Steps Partners

Apple Health


Garmin Vivofit

Google Fit

Jawbone UP

Misfit Devices


Workout Sharing Partners

Overview – Sharing Activities to Workout Share Partners

Apple Health (iOS)



Training Peaks

Import Workouts from a 3rd Party (Garmin, Strava, etc.)


Nutrition Tracking Partners


Linking Daily Activity Providers and Fitdigits to MyFitnessPal

LoseIt (iOS Only)



Setting Up and Managing Groups

Groups: Creating your Group & Managing Users

Groups: Manage your Fitdigits Group Page