Pace and Distance Structured Workout

Structured workouts based on time and music are a hugely popular feature because it allows you to target specific heart zones and pair it with music. Our latest custom workout feature on the iOS version of Fitdigits includes the ability to create workouts based on time and distance. Use this feature to help you train for a specific pace or simply if you want to improve your pace over time.


The Run Options page. Tap “Workout Routines”

    1. In Fitdigits 8.0, select the workout type from the main screen. Next tap the gear to open details. If you are using Fitdigits classic, go to the Run Options Page by selecting the Run icon, tapping Workouts -> Run Options or going to Settings -> My Activity Preferences -> Run. (Note- you can also create for Bike, Walk and other workouts type, but this example will be for Run).
    2. Tap Workout Routines -> new Time/Distance Workout
    3. You can now create a pace and distance based structured workout. Under Zone Type make sure Pace is chosen, and under Duration Units choose Distance. Read here for instructions on how to create a custom Pace Zone
    4. Set the distance you want traveled and the pace for each interval. For example, in the screenshot below the workout will call for .5 miles running at a pace between 10:30 and 11:30, followed by 2 miles at a pace of 8:30 to 9:30


  • Tap save and you are now ready to do a distance and pace based workout. Make sure the run icon is highlighted, tap workouts and choose your workout under “Run Workouts”
  • Tap Launch and you are now ready to begin your workout. Voice feedback will alert you when you have reached your distance goal and when to speed up/slow down your pace, as well as your target pace zones being highlighted (see screenshot)



Not only can you do pace based distance workouts, but use this functionality in conjunction with the existing ability to do workouts based on HR zones and time. Do a time based workout with pace zones, a distance based workout using HR zones, or mix and match both!



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    Can this be done for biking/ cycling as well?


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