Pair Your Bluetooth Low Energy Speed and Cadence Sensor

Fitdigits is compatible with the Wahoo Blue Speed and Cadence Sensor, the Scosche Speed/Cadence sensor, and other Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE / BT 4.0 / BT Smart) Speed and Cadence sensor. To pair:

1. Install your Speed and Cadence Sensor on to your Outdoor Bike

2. Open your Fitdigits app and go to Menu > Sensors, and scroll down to Speed + Cadence.

3. Move the pedals on your Bike with the installed sensor. This will turn on the sensor

4. Turn Bluetooth Smart under Speed + Cadence to ON. It will now search for the sensors

5. It will find the sensor and assign a sensor ID.

Now all you have to do is Calibrate the Sensor, start a bike workout, and you are ready to go!

Speed + Cadence pairing

Tap Bluetooth Smart ON under Speed + Cadence to pair



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  1. This is not working for me. The app is not detecting the Wahoo sensor. It does detect the Cateye sensor but when riding, only the Cadence is recorded and not the speed.


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