Polar H7 Not Pairing? Discharge It

I you have a Polar H7 that all of the sudden was unable to pair, you may need to discharge the sensor. To do so:

  1. Trash the Pairing. Go to Settings -> My Sensors -> Heart Rate Monitors -> Bluetooth Smart -> Details -> Delete. This step is only needed if the H7 is “ON”.
  2. Remove the battery from your Polar H7. Using a coin, open the battery cover by turning it counterclockwise to OPEN. Remove the cap. Using a sharp edge (knife), lift the battery out from inside the cap.

    Photo 1: Intact battery

    Photo 2: Battery being lifted from the cap

    Photo 3: Battery successfully extracted!

    Note: When removing the battery, make sure the sealing ring is not damaged, in which case you should replace it with a new one. You can purchase the sealing ring/battery kits at well-equipped Polar retailers and authorized Polar Services.

  3. Close the back of the peanut that used to house the battery, and clip it on to the belt, without the battery.
  4. Put sensor on and wear for 30 seconds to 1 minutes
  5. Remove H7 peanut and insert battery. Remount on chest
  6. Re-pair the H7 with Fitdigits by going to Settings -> My Sensors

If you are still unable to pair, please contact support.



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  1. Ernest Jones says:

    I've had to trash the paring a few times when it couldn't connect. Luckily I didn't have to pull the battery to fix the issue.

  2. Tammy Nichols Rasberry says:

    Wondering if mine has issues too due to low heart rate readings

  3. Malek Berrah says:

    Have been using mine 3 times a week, for 2 years. Recently changed the battery as Polar app told me battery was low. Never had to re-pair it 🙂

  4. You may have changed it from BPM to % of max

  5. Tama Home says:

    Thanks. I have to do this every couple of weeks.

  6. Makaila Monroe says:

    It worked, thanks. I've been buying a new battery every 45 days. Then one day it stopped working. Really easy to do. Thanks again.

  7. Tim Cook says:

    thank you very much indeed! This did the trick for me and has saved me having to get a new one; I'm very grateful to you.

  8. Jill Almoney says:

    Thanks!!! Your process worked perfectly!

  9. […] Discharge Your SensorIf you cannot pair the sensor, try discharging the sensor […]

  10. ThankS mate..I almost purchase a new one from Amazon…..it worked as you said. Greetings from Colombia.

  11. Worked perfectly! Thanks a bunch.

  12. Kenneth Aqua says:

    well done!! this worked a treat, was just about to ditch polar beat for good and use only strava, I can now continue to use both. Thanks a million

  13. Here's another reason that might keep your moniter from working. It fixed mine!

  14. You just saved me lots of money by stopping me from buying a new hr monitor. Thank you!!

  15. I've been tearing my hair out.
    Couldn't believe this worked.
    Many thanks

  16. The positive battery lead being bent down was the issue with mine…
    See Jose J. Longoria's post. Thank you for all the info in resolving my H7 issue.

  17. CoCo Lee says:

    Nothing has worked for me. I bought the Polar a300 and h7 combo. After the first day I could not get the watch and chest strap to connect, they could pair but not connect. I tried to take the battery out for 6 minutes and touching the electrodes for 10 seconds. I've tried the above mentioned idea, I've trashed the pairings and started over. I went and bought a second watch to use the other H7 only for it not to connect. I recently started setting up the new watch to see if maybe it was the watch and not the chest strap that was the issue. Only to find that it still doesn't work. Help please!

  18. José J. Longoria Thank You!!!!! I was just about to order a new H7. You definitely saved me the money and trouble!

  19. Thanks so much! I have been trying to fix my monitor for days now and this did the trick in a matter of seconds!!

  20. Liz Hogan says:

    My H7 was paired with the app and working just fine. Then I upgraded to iOS9. Now the app no longer sees it. On the settings screen, half the time it says no devices are in range and the other half of the time the app crashes when it tries to find it. Tried the discharge procedure and it didn't work. H7 battery is fine. Any advice?

  21. Liz Hogan says:

    I'm running Be Colorado Move 7.65, which is a branded Digifit app.

  22. Andrew Cruz says:

    Thanks for the help. I also skipped pairing it directly with the phone and just let it pair with the app. Worked like a charm!

  23. Best help ever! Thank you!!!!! Worked brilliantly!

  24. José J. Longoria Thanks so much for this link. The discharging method had been working fine for me up until yesterday, when nothing seemed to. Then I read your link describing the potentially bent battery connector, and visual inspection of the part in my own unit suggested that was the problem (it was clearly bent down, rather than standing up). However, at first I could not fix it – after unbending the connector, it would bend again every time I put the battery back into the H7. I then realised I bought a CR2032 battery, which is slightly larger than the correct battery, the CR2025. The CR2032 had been working, but seems to have also been the culprit for the bent connector due to the larger battery making the peanut not fit correctly. Unbending the connector and switching to the smaller and appropriate CR2025 has fixed the issue!

  25. This solution really works. I was about to purchase a new sensor but then I came across this article. Thanks

  26. hat funktioniert. danke. thanks – works now perfekt again

  27. I'm with you. Nothing has worked. I have 2 h7's & I cannot connect with either one. I have sent them to Polar for testing & they are fine. It was working fine & then nothing.

  28. It worked. Brilliant. Almost bought another sensor. Thanks.

  29. After nearly 5 years not working Any more today iT happend again iT works nearly sold it

  30. Jennie Tan says:

    Thanks, Brandon! Your instructions worked beautifully. I've linked to it from my blog at http://tanster.com/reset-polar-h7-bluetooth-heart-rate-sensor/

    🙂 Jennie

  31. THIS WORKED! Thank you very much!

  32. Matheus says:

    Worked fine!


  33. Thank you your post was very helpful.
    After trying all of the suggested fixes I was unfortunately unable to get my heart rate transponder to reconnect with the M400.
    I contacted Polar support and they are going to pay the postage return for the whole kit to go to Singapore for repair.

    Great customer service no messing about just fix it.

    Thanks Polar, I am going to miss the Heart Rate monitor a lot.


  34. Thanks for the tip. Worked like a charm!

  35. Thanks! This fixed an unresponsive Polar H7. I thought it was dead!

  36. I have just went through a similar issue and discharging did not help, but this is what did. I actually read this tip on another site, but figured I’d post it here. While I was changing the battery, I accidently pushed the silver battery contact next to the edge of the battery compartment. After couple of careful tries to pull it out with a paper clip it popped up a bit and the monitor started working again! I hope it helps.

  37. Nelida Lara says:

    Thank you so much! This fixed my problem!!!

  38. Harry Martin says:

    This is how I got my polar H7 to PAIR AND CONNECT with my Android Moto X Pure Edition phone.

    Previously, resetting the phone, nor resetting the H7 heart rate monitor (by resetting the battery) could get the devices to pair and connect. The Moto X would pair with the Polar H7, but the Polar Beat app would not *CONNECT* to the paired H7.

    Based on the info in the Moto X, I suspected it was trying to work, but just not connecting to the Android apps, specifically Polar Beat.

    Today I tried looking for some Bluetooth apps to confirm whether or not the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol was working on my cell phone. I found an Android app called "BLE Scanner". After installing and testing for BLE, the app detected the BLE protocol confirming the H7 was paired. However, the BLE app asked if I wanted to CONNECT to the H7. I tapped on the button to connect. I then opened the Polar Beat App, and guess what?, Polar Beat is now connected to the H7 and working as it should.

    So what is wrong, the cell phone or the Polar Beat app?

    I don't know. All I know for sure is that it is now working.
    Other Moto X Pure Edition owners may want to give the Android app "BLE Scanner" a try and see if it fixes their similar problem.

  39. Pip Hill says:

    Thank you, that worked

  40. Have a look at this guys. As indicated in the video below, I fixed mine lifting up the silver contact to the recommended position. I hope that it helps



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