Delete the Heart Rate Monitor Pairing and Re-Pair

Did you know that each time you begin using a new heart rate monitor belt (or other sensor, such as Speed and Cadence sensor or foot pod in iOS) or change the battery, you must update your Fitdigits app on your device by deleting the sensor and pairing again? Your heart rate monitor issues a unique digital ID each time the battery is changed and Fitdigits must be updated with the new sensor ID. Whether you have a brand new heart rate monitor belt or a new battery, follow these steps to trash and pair again.


iOS / Apple Devices

1. Launch the Fitdigits app
2. Tap the three bars at the top of the home screen Menu > Sensors
3. Tap the name of the sensor, in grey, located under the sensor category
4. Tap Delete


Tap the name of the sensor under sensor type.


Tap Delete












NOTE: You are now ready to pair with your [new] heart belt. Be sure you are wearing your heart belt and that the heart belt is awake and sending data. Please see this updated post including video on Pairing your Sensors on iOS.

5. Tap ON for Heart

If you have any trouble pairing, see our videos on Pairing your Sensors on iOS or our complete post on Troubleshooting your BLE Sensors.

The above steps apply to updating any sensor within Fitdigits (iOS).



To delete the current heart rate monitor pairingDelete heart rate monitors on Android

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap My Sensors
  3. Tap and Hold the Heart Rate Monitor you want to delete
  4. Tap OK on the delete confirmation popup

Note that you can actually pair multiple heart rate monitors on Android, and simply use the on-off switches to go between them.

To pair a new BLE (or some traditional bluetooth compatible) heart rate monitors:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap My Sensors
  3. Tap Add a Sensor: Heart Rate Monitor
  4. Tap Auto Detect HRM

See more on How to Pair a HRM with Android or also How to Pair a Polar Wearlink+ (classic bluetooth HRM) with Android.



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  1. Matt Holbrook-Bull says:

    So you can't have multiple bikes with their own sensors???

  2. thanks for the quick response – trash and repair did it…..

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  4. its been great until sunday longest run of my life and it quit never to return, have washed belt, replaced battery with 2032??? Nada.

  5. this does not work for me. App seems to want to get paid to let me add the HRM again. WTF?


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